Writing Business Cases and Proposals

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Business Cases and Proposal writing training
Writing Business Cases and Proposals is a 2-day workshop designed to develop your skills in the writing of professional business cases and proposal documents.


A business case or proposal is a formal, written argument intended to convince a decision maker to approve some kind of action.  The workshop will provide you with the tools to write a concise and upfront argument for getting a ‘yes’ response.  Successful business cases need reader focus, clarity, positive structure and strong persuasion.

This is an interactive workshop using practical exercises, discussions and case studies.

Who should attend?

This program is specifically designed for business managers, project teams, account executives and all others responsible for contributing to writing a business case.


Business writing fundamentals including:

  • writing purpose – value to the readers
  • readability
  • Plain English, grammar and active or passive voice
  • structure and layout, including Front-Focus
  • image, language and tone

as well as business case writing exercises covering:

  • the components of a good business case
  • using existing templates, if they exist
  • persuasive language and AIDA
  • document planning
  • 1:1 facilitator feedback
  • review and editing your own documents


You will learn how to:

  • plan and write an effective business case or proposal
  • define the document purpose of in terms of reader response
  • make your business case interesting, clear and concise
  • eliminate conjecture and minimise jargon
  • demonstrate the value and benefits the project brings to the business
  • review and edit your business cases and proposals