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Which is the best course for me to attend? 2014-11-08T17:24:06+00:00

For all the 2-day courses, Business Writing Essentials (the writing ‘toolbox’) is the first day completed. Depending on your current or expected writing applications, such as reports, proposals, technical documents, you may decide to specialise. ‘Emails and Everyday Documents’ covers a broad mixture of applications.

Can you come to us and do one-on-one coaching? 2014-09-17T13:13:11+00:00

Yes, just contact us for more information.

English is not my first language – will your courses help me? 2014-09-17T13:12:36+00:00

Yes, most certainly our courses will give you a better understanding of English Grammar and punctuation, plus how sentences and documents are constructed for good business writing.

What do you charge for customisation? 2014-09-17T13:12:25+00:00

We do not charge for customisation.

Can you customise a course to our organisation’s needs and run it in-house? 2014-09-17T13:12:14+00:00

Yes, we frequently customise course content, as well as timing and duration to suit your needs.

What is the difference between your 1-day ‘Business Writing Essentials’ course and your 2-day courses? 2014-09-17T13:11:30+00:00

Business Writing Essentials is the ‘toolbox’ for business writing – it contains all the principles and elements that you need to write well. The 2-day courses all have Business Writing Essentials as their first day and then continue on Day 2 to explore the ways to apply these principles to your specific document types eg emails or reports, customer service correspondence, technical documents etc.