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Public Courses

Our Public Courses are run as interactive workshops using group discussion, 1:1 facilitator support and plenty of writing practice using your own work-related documents.

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Online Courses

This training is delivered entirely ONLINE via our elearning system and comes complete with detailed reference materials and recognised Certification on completion.

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In-house Business Writing Training

Since 1989, we have trained over 40,000 satisfied participants from many corporate business and government agencies across Australia and the Asia Pacific region

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Would you like a 10-point Business Writing Cheat Sheet that could transform the way you communicate in business?

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‘Great interactive training incorporating real-life written examples from all participants’
Richard, Knight Frank
‘The course was really well presented – it will definitely help me with all my business documents’
Brad, Westpac
‘This is the best course I have attended at ING Direct’
Shaleen, ING Direct
‘I really enjoyed everything about this course’
Aniko, ING Direct
‘Great pace and everyone got involved’
Samantha, ING Direct
‘Great tailoring of materials and topics to FDC’
Martin, Federation Centres
‘Facilitator captured everyone’s attention for the whole day – broke up the learning in fun and interactive exercises’
James, Federation Centres
‘Very helpful with pace, detail and content all highly applicable’
Jonathan, Federation Centres
‘The course was fun, very well planned and presented – I want more!!’
Lily, Zurich Financial
‘I will use all this course in the years to come’
Con, Australia Post
‘Good pace, great resources, really enjoyed it and learnt heaps’
Barb, Benetas
‘Engaging, instructional and very well taught’
Tristan, Knight Frank
‘Great material, easy to follow, interesting and useful’
Nina, Lend Lease
‘The strength is in its content, delivery and the relevance of the material to our company documents’
Rob, Lend Lease
Informative, interactive and well planned’
Amadea, Lend Lease
‘Highly relevant to most roles in our business’
Simon, Lend Lease
‘The best course that I have attended – the facilitator was brilliant’
Brian, Fairfield City Council
‘Great course – thank you. Energy levels are maintained in a relaxed atmosphere. The ability to work on my own documents made it very relevant’
Meaghan, ResMed
‘Very worthwhile – this is by far the best training session I have ever attended’
Michael, DHS Victoria
‘Excellent course notes, excellent facilitator – thank you’
Lachlan, CBA
‘Great facilitation with excellent content – kept me engaged’
Kay, Grant Thornton
‘Excellent course – so relevant’
Francis, Accenture
‘Easy to understand and will 100% affect the way I write on a daily basis’
Alex, Accenture
‘Clear objectives aimed for and achieved – good references to real world examples’
Arnold, Zurich Financial
‘Facilitator created a very comfortable environment and was friendly and positive towards all contributions’
Georgina, Zurich Financial
“Fantastically presented with very good tips on writing structure and language’
Chris, Country Fire Authority of Victoria
‘Identified individual needs, emphasised company requirements and provided good skill sets for future improvement’
Tony, Country Fire Authority of Victoria
‘The structure and content of the program was excellent and I could not make any recommendations that would improve this course’
Sarah, Grant Thornton
‘Core materials are fantastic’
Ashley, Standards Australia