Business Writing Essentials

Available as public course or ONLINE course

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Business Writing

Business Writing Essentials is the ‘toolkit’ covering all the fundamentals of professional business writing.


The course develops writing confidence, shows you how to write faster and engage your readers.

You will gain an understanding of the importance of business writing as a communications and customer service tool.

The course can be undertaken either as a 1-day interactive facilitator-led workshop, or as an ONLINE self-paced course

Who should attend?

Everyone who writes or edits work documents.


  • pre- and post-program assessment
  • writing purpose—value to the reader
  • organising your thoughts
  • readability
  • Plain English, active or passive voice, grammar
  • structure and layout, including Front-Focus
  • image, language and tone
  • padding and punctuation
  • evaluate documents quantitatively and qualitatively
  • Mind Mapping as a tool for document planning
  • email etiquette


You will learn how to:

  • establish your writing purpose and engage your readers
  • write in a way that moves your readers to act
  • significantly reduce your writing time
  • write with greater confidence and look more professional
  • be motivated to improve your writing performance
  • construct your documents, paragraphs and sentences
  • use correct grammar
  • review and edit documents